Zelda Link Awakening Revenge - Short presentation

Zelda LA Revenge is a remake of the famous Zelda Link Awakening release in 1993 for Gameboy.
This game uses its own 2D Game Engine.
The first version was released in may 2018 and this project is still active.

If you don't know what is this game, follow theses links :

Here, a brief overall of the developpement :

Last release

Zelda LA Revenge v1.3 - Download: Zelda LA Revenge installer (Released 30/05/2018)

This demo is more difficult and has new items and rooms. Have fun :)
Beware: Your old saves will not be compatible with this version...

Old releases

Zelda LA Revenge v1.2 - Download: Zelda LA Revenge installer (Released 25/05/2018)

In order to map custom inputs with a Joystick, plug your joystick first and launch the game. Go to the mapping menu (on player select screen). Then, select the input to map and press ENTER to associate a jostick input.
There is no need to restart the game. Your new inputs will be available when you will start your game.

Zelda LA Revenge v1.1 - Download: Zelda LA Revenge installer (Released 23/05/2018)

Zelda LA Revenge v1.0 - Download: Zelda LA Revenge installer (Released 21/05/2018)

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