Sokolution - Short presentation

Sokolution is a powerful solver for Sokoban levels. The first version was released in may 2017 and this project is still active.

Since few days, Sokolution has dethrone Takaken and can solve 3039 levels. This is the world record !

If you don't know what is Sokoban game, follow theses links :

Here, you can see the statistics for each level :

Main features :

Sokolution last versions

Sokolution v2.01 - Download: Sokolution v2.01 installer (Released 18/11/2017)

This version can solve 3039 / 3424 levels

Sokolution v2.0 - Initial release: Sokolution beta v2.0 (Released 14/11/2017)

New world record ! Sokolution solved about 3026 levels, twenty-seven levels more than Takaken !

Sokolution old plugin versions

Download Sokolution v1.54t installer package compatible with YASC Host (Released 27/05/2017)

Download Sokolution v1.54t plugin compatible with YASC Host (Released 05/05/2017)

Note: There is a minor problem with Sokolution v1.54t when it runs under control of the YASC host. Indeed, some levels in SVEN collection are not solved when you run a full bench.
But if you try to solve individually these levels, they are solved...

Download Sokolution v1.53t compatible with YASC Host

Statistics for each set of levels

All statistics can be found on the Sokoban Wiki.

Collection Author Levels Sokolution v1.53t Sokolution v1.54t Sokolution v2.0 Sokolution v2.01
AymericAymeric du Peloux282282282282282
BoxWorldVarious Authors10094949696
Grigr2001Evgeny Grigoriev10095959696
Grigr2002Evgeny Grigoriev4036373939
GrigrSpecialEvgeny Grigoriev4040404040
HollandDavid Holland8161626364
Kenyam Set AKenya Maruyama5250515252
MicrobanDavid W. Skinner155155155155155
Microban IIDavid W. Skinner135131134131132
SasquatchDavid W. Skinner5033343536
Sasquatch 2David W. Skinner5024242929
Sasquatch 3David W. Skinner5021202324
Sasquatch 4David W. Skinner5032323434
Sasquatch 5David W. Skinner5033333637
Sasquatch 6David W. Skinner5035353636
Sasquatch 7David W. Skinner5036363939
SokEvoLee J Haywood107107107107107
SokHardLee J Haywood163163163163163
SvenSven Egevad16231333135913891397
XSokobanThinking Rabbit9072727676
Y.M. AutoYoshio Murase5252525252
Y.M. HandmadeYoshio Murase5453535353
TOTAL 3424 2938 2970 3026 3039

*** Copyright Florent DIEDLER 2017 ***